Membership Application 11-20 Membership is open to all people with interest in the Bernese Mountain Dog. You do not have to own a dog to be a member. Prospective members must sign a Code of Conduct statement that outlines their responsibility to their dogs, other members of the Club, and to the Bernese Mountain Dog community as a whole. Members should attend two BMDCGS events, must be sponsored by two members in good standing, and have their membership application voted on by the board.

Annual fees are $30 for individuals, $40 for couples/families, $20 for newsletter only, and $15 for juniors. A portion of these dues goes to support local breed rescue projects; the remainder of the dues are directly used for club business and event expenses.

Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter containing information of interest to Berner owners and giving details of club business. Members are encouraged to promote responsible dog ownership in their communities. Non-member subscriptions to the newsletter are available for $20 per year.

If you are interested in joining the BMDCGS, please fill out the application form to the left and send to the address provided on the application. By signing the membership application you also agree to abide by the constitution and by laws. You must sign the Code of Conduct, also included. Your first year is a provisional so you have this time in which to find two sponsors prior to being voted in at the end of the year.