Membership Application 6/21

Do you love to hike with your dog or perfect your teamwork through dog sports or maybe sit on the couch and watch movies together?  Our members do all these things and more!  Since 1980 the BMDCGS has been working to preserve, protect and celebrate the Bernese Mountain Dog and support the families who love them.  Meet up with us at the beer garden, teach your dog to pull a cart, walk in a Bavarian parade or go camping with a bunch of Berner lovers and their dogs.  Become a member today!


Membership is open to all people with an interest in Bernese Mountain Dogs. You do not need to own a dog to join. Prospective members must sign a Code of Conduct statement that outlines the responsibilities to their dogs, other members of the Club, and to the Bernese Mountain Dog community as a whole. Members are encouraged to promote responsible dog ownership in their communities.


Applicants are provisional members for one year, should attend at least one  BMDCGS event and must be sponsored by two members in good standing.  During your provisional year, you have time in which to find your sponsors. (See link to application form for details.)


Annual dues are $30 for individuals, $40 for couples/families, $20 for newsletter only, and $15 for juniors.


Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter full of topics of interest to Berner owners and club business and are invited to join any/all club events.


If you are interested in joining the BMDCGS, please fill out the application form on the left and send with your dues payment to the address provided on the application.


We look forward to having you join the Bernese Mountain Dog Club or Greater Seattle! If you have questions about membership, please contact our Membership Coordinators at:



For further information, follow this link to a video on regional club membership:

Regional Club Membership Video