Supporting Health Research  
There are many teams of veterinary, medical, and genetic professionals around the world who are working to find effective solutions to help owners and breeders manage individual dogs and breeds affected by health problems. Research on disorders in Bernese Mountain Dogs can lead directly to effective treatment options for dogs that acquire diseases as well as developing simple tests for dogs being bred for breed health management.

Whether you are a member of the BMDCGS or ANYONE who owns a Berner who is ill with a potential genetic disease, consider submitting a sample. One disease in particular, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) which is the loss of mobility starting in the rear legs, is in need of dogs to submit tissue at time of euthanasia. In particular, dogs who have had the DM/DNA test with results of 'at risk', or 'normal' and over 8 years of age are needed. The BMDCGS may have financial support available for this cause.

For further information on how you may help with the studies:

For further assistance on this research, please contact our club's Health Liaison, Julie Jackson, at or 206-930-3290.